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(lead) design
ux, visual
figma, adobe xd, illustrator
During my time at Mantro, I was tasked with assisting Termios in developing their installation application. Termios specializes in smart thermostats for both residential and commercial use.
The app was designed for installers to streamline the thermostat installation process. I worked as the only designer on this project, taking over broad app concept, prioritizing a seamless user experience while still maintaining a modern design.
Installateurs visit locations where they are tasked with installing thermostats in individual apartments. Upon entering an apartment, they must scan each room for a heating system and then proceed to (ideally) install a thermostat. Additionally, they need to identify the room type, measure its dimensions, determine the number of windows (+ types, dimensions and orientation), identify the type and quantity of heaters along with their corresponding valves, and finally, proceed with the thermostat installation.
I designed an 8-step installation process to guide the user through each stage of the installation, starting from measuring the room all the way to installing the thermostat.

main idea

Making the installation process quick and efficient was the priority, while also ensuring accuracy and thoroughness. According to feedback Installers preferred minimal typing and mostly relying on clicks for navigation. I focused on cutting down unnecessary steps to keep interactions smooth and straightforward.
Feedback also indicated that Installateurs preferred a continuous workflow, where they could install all thermostats in every individual room of an apartment without having to navigate away from the installation screens.

user journey

Due to the complexity of the application, there were naturally many edge cases to consider. These included scenarios such as the apartment owner not being home during installation, encountering more heaters than expected, and dealing with various types of valve systems for the heaters, among other factors.
All of these edge cases needed to be addressed, either through spontaneous handling (such as encountering more heaters than expected) or by being submitted through a in-app feedback system (for issues like valve types not fitting).

edge cases

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