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For my first (real) project, I created a drinking game that combined various games like truth or dare, guess the song, and more into a single app.
During the project, I took on most of the designing tasks and handled some of the coding, while my university friend was responsible for the majority of the coding work using Flutter/Dart.

unique party experience

The challenge was to create a unique drinking/party game experience with multiple games and a guess the song mode, where you can upload your playlists from Spotify.
I avoided using the same background for all the games. Instead, I used different color gradients to represent each game and game mode. This way, each part of the game has its own distinct look and adds to the experience.
Furthermore I selected a two-color gradient for each game mode, except for the custom mode where I opted for a more intricate color gradient to give it a premium and fun appearance.
For the other colors, I chose hues that represent the five different games (e.g. I used green for the music game as it is commonly associated with the Spotify brand)

gradients everywhere